Wednesday, 4 May 2016

No longer do they remain-here, I can book-a-rest.

To my great surprise this morning I heard a man standing at next door's front door as I emptied the ash from my woodburner into the dustbin,  "Yes, you have to leave this morning, as we agreed. You need to go today, I am here to change the locks". Were these the words I had secretly but not triumphantly wanted to hear? Oh my, yes they were!  I asked the chap if he was the landlord and he confirmed it was so and politely introduced himself as Roger.

I told Roger that the last year had been very, very, very difficult and constantly trying. The noise has been unending and  on and on into each night, every night: screaming, shouting, arguing, doors slamming, stairs stomped and  a piano that must have doubled as a treadmill on the keys.

Different cars rock up each night and wait outside with the engines running for as long as a short conversation takes (make of that what you will). Different people are in and out all the time. The only constant is the bringing up of children through aggressive shouting and wailing. It is UNPLEASANT. The 12 month tenants happen to have been Romanian. They were Romanian the year before as well, but that family was noisy, boisterous, engaging, neighbourly, considerate and communicative - the children all squealed away in English and their parent language, mixing in good manners and giggles and laughter. The last last had been none of those things. Ever.

I am pretty liberal on immigration and this nation as the planet's fifth largest economy opening its doors more and more, but come in and simply be respectful of the communities you join? That seems a reasonable quid pro quo to me.

The eviction took about an hour and was orderly. Roger told me the rent had not been paid for two months and chance after chance had been discussed. It came to a bailiff situation that was averted today by the exit I witnessed. As I write this, home from school time has come and gone and there has been a wall of silence which is as loud as yesterday for all its eerie quiet.  It is uncanny but it is extremely attractive.

I am sad for the children of that house who just seemed to have been ignored 24/7. I don't revel in their eviction but it is a quiet move forwards.

I think I will be able to sit on my wall tonight without being two feet from aggressive argumentative fractiousness and the front door slammin' like a Prince song.

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