Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Basset Hound walk!

This weekend just gone,  the one that took April into May also took Jemma and I to Devon.

With Boris dog along, we had an overnight stay in a hound friendly hotel, The Lamb near Crediton.  

For Valentine's  Sunday I bought Jemma a suitable book that you can see here.  Making a weekend of it (from a choice in the book) , we headed towards Devon on Saturday, stopping for a long walk and a hound break less than a mile from the M5 - it was terrific and so much better than a service station break.

Post walk, we went onto the pub where Bozza was an immediate hit.  A couple of pleasant sunny beers,  an evening meal (tasty but a little light and masterchefy) and a generally idle day was just the thing for all of us. It took us most of the way to our Sunday destination, a short drive to Fingle Bridge for the Basset Hound South West group walk. This friendly group meets monthly and  Boris ,  a Bassador (half basset, half lab')  is allowed in with a pass. The  5 mile walk was full of ears, big paws, low frequency barks and drool.  There were 22 bassets, a couple of halfies and a Great Dane encountered along the way.

Check the pictures here:

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