Monday, 8 December 2014

A suit of clothes.

I will put on my dinner jacket later this week. I enjoy wearing it as it is well made and I am long and tall and I wear it very well. In this particular instance, I am indifferent about the event as I don't know the people or the firm well enough yet to feel anything but on guard. 

In fact, I have two dinner suits and I always enjoy the game of 'what was I doing when  last I wore it?', a game played by not emptying the pockets on getting home from the event.

I don my dinner suit every eighteen months or so, although in my rspb job, it was a deal less frequent than that.

Thus when I took it from the cupboard tonight, and on this very day of days, of completed years since significant things, was it with remembrance or regret? 

Oh, I do not know which. 


Suburbia said...

With remembrance of good things...

BS5 Blogger said...

It was a carefree evening back then