Sunday, 18 May 2014

Cycling for trains!

This morning I left the house at 08.45 for some sunny exercise. Terrific sunshine and lovely, bright, warm potential for something to do.

I decided to eschew my run and take a ride on my bike instead; my only recent bike trips have been to the pub with my brother but today I headed out on the Bristol Bath cycle path. It pretty much runs right past BS5, so I hopped on just near the house. It is the old railway line between the two cities so the gradient is an easy 1 in 120 for most of it.

I hadn't ridden any distance for a year , so just a gentle nine miles today. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Ambled along some parts, went full whack on others and stopped for the view when the mood suited. Laundry all done when I returned and now some breakfast to follow!

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