Saturday, 24 May 2014

Anatomy of a Saturday curry in BS5.

This evening I am cooking a curry. I really like chopping and prepping first, then tidying that up and then putting it all together (at which point I add in a beer for the chef).

Rick Stein's India is a fine series for curry inspiration, likewise the accompanying book which I received (very gratefully) for Christmas.

Here's the lowdown:

Prepping onions
Prepping veg'
Hot oil to split mustard seeds

Ten minutes at this

Chicken in and browned, then a little more water and turmeric stirred together for a base thickening sauce. Paste too (bought in today). Add cumin here too

Adding veg', adding tomato
And finally the chopped coriander to add late on, plus the naan to go with it
The whole thing is coming together nice and slowly as I upload this post: results to follow in another post!

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