Saturday, 18 December 2010

Snow joke, you idiot!

Luckily this is not my car, but the front of VX52 nearly took a hefty crumple today :(

I was in my car at BS5 (and with loved ones in the car) , we were taking the road slowly and gently in the slip sliding snow where there is no room at all for traffic to pass. A chap came piling along ahead of us with no intent of giving way.

He then stuck his brakes on and in slow motion fishtailed towards us out of control. We were going less than 10mph and I was able to stop and reverse about five feet - five feet that saved a VERY expensive afternoon. What a pillock!

I was very restrained and just thanked him for backing up. No point in giving the man a load of verbal when I am sure he knew he'd been a cock, but then again he just looked straight ahead and would not make eye contact anyhow!


D'ang said...

Corks. That's yer' spesh forces training kicking in. I guess if you'd not had sub-units on board you'd have felled him with a swift blow to the neck.

Fine skills there.

BS5 Blogger said...

One-way CQB action, dude! Good old VX52, though.