Thursday, 23 December 2010

Happy times of change.

Two years ago my Christmas bowl of chocs lasted until March.

As 2010 closes , stock turn for this range has accelerated hugely. It's a measure of delight really as the month of December generally sees the bowl all done for.

Thanks to D'ang who explained turn and churn as a retail concept. His 14 minute M&S career lends him significant retail clout far beyond my slender grasp as an 8 Store Area Manager.


D'ang said...

The word on the retail street, pally boy, is that it's not a good time for a run on chocolates.

After all, second-month cocoa futures on ICE CCK1 were up $33 or1.1 percent at $3,002 per tonne at today. That's nearing the four-month peak of $3,140 hit earlier this month. As I was just saying to Stu.

D'ang said...

Hey, and the name card in that pic suggests them's Stu's chocs, not yours. I'll be telling him that next time he rings me for advice.

BS5 Blogger said...

Y'oom is a goon!