Friday, 22 April 2016

30 years of Prince

When I was a small person and much less gangly than today, I really got into the music of Prince . I liked him because my brother liked him; my brother liked him as did our neighbour and pal down the road, Banjo Paterson - still a good pal to this day.

The first song I liked was 'Let's go Crazy' from the enormously well selling album Purple Rain. After that I just tried to get each album as it came out and countless bootlegs and singles too. It went on through A levels, seeing him with my brother that first time the day I finished my last exam, and on into University and adulthood. A complete soundtrack to my teenage years and beyond. Sign O the Times, 1999, Lovesexy, For You, Prince, Around the World in a Day - all full of memories.

'Prince Rogers Nelson' , who was known in our circle as Ted owing to a potential (but vastly unlikely)  family connection to Ted Rogers died yesterday. He was 57, cool as you like and consistently praised for his breadth of talent and genre-crossing acceptance.

When David Bowie went a few weeks ago it did not really have much of an impression on me - I could have named three songs. But Prince? That really has been a biggie. Much missed and respected. Mountains the 12" will always be a tight and effortlessly stylish tune.

Go Ted , thank you, and keep it funky wherever you are!

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