Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Easter Eating

I started Lent with my folks, visiting them for pancakes at  Glewstone Court on Shrove Tuesday and travelling up to Yorkshire the morning after on Ash Wednesday.  I also ended Lent at the house and in the forty days between, I wrote my Letters for Lent (a post to follow once the last letters have reached their recipients).

Spending Easter weekend in Goodrich was just fine, relaxing in easy company and enjoying the champagne transformation that makes Sal' even better company than normal (she did not disappoint and her speedier disposition to risque humour kicked right in at half a glass!)

It was a fine weekend with company, cooking, companionship, crosswords and a quick visit to Ferdy up the road. I mixed beer, champagne and red wine with a headache for my troubles.

Here's a section of pictures.

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