Monday, 16 February 2015

And I would drive 10,000 miles

A while back I posted about Yolonda, the car assigned to me for the probationary period of my new role.  She is so called because her number plate ends YLA.

Yolonda is a cool character in Pulp fiction and hey, I could be a hitman with a cool car, meeting Yolonda at breakfast.

Four months and a day have passed since I collected said car, and I am holding on to her for a fortnight yet, until I take on my next and permanent car, which is in fact currently driven by my boss who is leaving on March 2nd.

In those working days I have driven 9822 miles, and so I will pass 10, 000 tomorrow as I  make my way to Shrewsbury. That is some going and it is the total mileage I have put onto VX52 in the last 18 months.

Where would I have travelled had I driven 10,00 miles in a round trip from BS5, just in one long journey, and not schlepping it around my Retail Area?

You know what - it's the same as Bristol to Bhutan and back.

There we are stats fans, another exciting post here at Blog BS5.

Bring on March, and with hope, onto the car in the last image here.

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