Friday, 4 January 2013

Too Golden?

Now I love a bargain and these cords hit the spot this week.

They were in the sale at Austin Reed, a well to do menswear retailer of long standing .

I like Austin Reed because their long trousers are a generous 35 inch leg, ideal for me really. I have a few suits from AR and they are excellent.

These cords were £99 down to £28 but it has been suggested to me that they are a little too golden. I think they're great and let me tell you, they are comfortably numb.

Too golden? I hope not!


ddl said...

not too golden unless you're carrying out some secret force mission in them.. which clearly you are not.

Suburbia said...

More golden in reality! I mean you could tip a whole tin of syrup on them and not notice!

BS5 Blogger said...

Maybe I already did . I'm stuck on the sofa!