Thursday, 24 May 2012

Do all girls pack pyjamas?

Three o-five in the morning and I'm just shuffling back in to the Premier Inn, Angel St, Sheffield.

Not a late night out in South Yorkshire, but the all clear on a loud, sudden and prompt fire alarm.

The hotel was fully occupied and we all turned out on the street. Four fire engines arrived loud and fast within four minutes, not a bad shout.

As we all gathered on the street outside, there was a definite gender difference; all the girls had pyjamas, shoes and handbags, we blokes were in various states of dress but no one much beyond boxers and a top. I put shoes and socks on in the street and then stood about reasonably warm for forty minutes.

A definite Yorkshire experience.

I wonder if I'll have a refund.


Suburbia said...

only shoes and socks?

Scargosun said...

I do like my pj's