Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Holiday reading.

Thirty years ago when holidays came around with my Mum and Dad and my fantastic brothers, there would be an added excitement to the weeks - a holiday special from the Beano, Dandy or Buster. This was purchased a day or two before departure and lovingly saved to read in bed on a holiday morning to add to the excitement and anticipation of the day. It was always a larger format edition with a very colourful and exciting cover and longer stories.

Now nearly forty years old and holidaying alone with BS7, it hasn't changed much, save for the medium. I purchased a book on my whizzy iPad and have been savouring it each morning this week, mixed with anticipation of the day ahead and the train, castle, garden, museum, bookshop or event that we will see together.

The holiday book is called Go, Go, Go! It is an insider's account of the Iraninan Embassy siege at Princes Gate in 1980, broken up and concluded by the Special Air Service. Aged only 8 at the time, my Special Forces Skills were still in their infancy and I was not called in, so it is enjoyable to read the account.

The book is choc' full of drama and bloke-friendly illustrations just like this one. On reading the background it is an irony that the siege takers were protesting against Ayaltollah Khomeini and fundamentalist Islam becoming the cornerstone of Iran just the year before . All the siege takers were after was more democracy in Arabistan. Once they'd killed a hostage though, it only went one way.

It's a great book!

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