Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Me and my bro'

Hey, this is us from a few weeks back! I have two brothers and this is the one next up from me (standing up).

We were at my folks house Christening a wooden spoon I had just received as a much appreciated gift!

I chose a slow beef stew as the spoon's maiden voyage and cooked that for a few of us to eat that night.

Khaless didn't appear in a stew inspired vision, unfortunately.


scargosun said...

Hey! Glad you posted. I took a pic of a train last night for you. It is the regional rail that I use to get into the city sometimes. I'll post soon.

BS5 Blogger said...

Oooh, please do! x :-)

dandelion said...

ooh, a nice post! Maybe Kahless was piqued that you didn't name the spoon after him...

D'ang said...

Or you could call it


just sayin'