Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Jesus in a piece of toast!

You know how you see crazy people who have had a vision of JC in the toast, or the Devil in the bubbles at bathtime?

Well I caught this still from Star Trek, the movie from last year. Check it out for spooky time line stuff!

I reckon if you just look at it a bit strangely, up and left of James T Kirk on his motorbike, there is a Borg face in the image of the Shipyard between the two tall piers or cranes! You can see the white of his skin, two eyes, a nose and a bit of a mouth with a microphone across it.

All spooky and indicative of the timeline to come!

And yes, I watched the trailer a load of times then took a snap when it was paused on my Iphone.

I'll get my coat....


Cannwin said...

I don't know whose the bigger nerd you for noticing something like that or me for knowing what your talking about and looking for it in the picture!

The toast reminded me of a MADtv skit about The West Wing (maybe you've seen it). It's one of my favorite's here--

BS5 Blogger said...

Great comment and off to look! Love The West Wing.